If you have come to this page then more than likely you are ready to learn everything I am willing to show you on how to become a successful seller on eBay using the wealth of my knowledge.


Many people selling their programs online will tell you they have the best system in the world, but never show you anymore that a bunch of hype. I will share with you some of my students of my program’s eBay accounts.






My system has created more eBay Power Sellers in the shortest amount of time than any other program you will ever come across. Many students of my program have become eBay Power Sellers in less than a years time.

No False Promises – Good Money With Effort

As I mentioned to you in the video, that this system I will teach you will not put you in $10 million homes, or allow you to buy an island in the Bahamas. What it can do for you is create a good living and financial freedom all while allowing you to work when they want, and where they want.

Just starting out my students make some great extra income while they work their current jobs. After a while, they are quitting their 9 to 5 jobs and finding themselves putting in less effort, and making more money with this system that working their current jobs.

I will point out that this will take an effort, so don’t think you will push a button and all the cash will come dropping from the sky into your lap.

However, with my system, I will move you way ahead of the line when it comes to selling on eBay so you can avoid the trial and tribulations many people who start selling on eBay have to endure.


Here is What I Will Teach You With My System

Basic understanding how eBay works
(so you know the foundation you will be working on )
Getting you set up properly with needed accounts
(setting up accounts correctly is absolutely important)
WHAT to sell and WHERE to get it
(removing the biggest problem most eBay sellers face)
How to find the best profit niches
(knowing the best niches will accelerate your earnings)
What the ULTIMATE eBay products are
(and how YOU can get an UNLIMITED supply at virtually NO COST)
How to make people DESIRE your product and how to MOTIVATE them to buy it
(so you can sell more at higher prices – multiplying your profit)
How to make people WANT to give you their money
(making it EASY for you to sell your products)
How to MAXIMIZE your income on eBay
(and how YOU can avoid leaving profit on the table as most other eBay sellers do)
How to MINIMIZE your effort on eBay
(so you can spend more time enjoying your new financial freedom)
The MOST IMPORTANT thing you MUST do to succeed
(which most eBay sellers don’t do)
The simple steps to YOUR eBay success
(an easy-to-follow video training blueprint)

Complete Online Video Tutorials


My program is not an outdated downloadable eBook. I offer this program through an online interactive training area complete with over 35 easy-to-digest video training modules. This will assure you that you are getting the latest updated strategies to make money on eBay.

Hundreds of Direct Wholesale Connections


I will include my personal list of hundreds of wholesale, drop shippers and direct product connections. This list I have compiled has taken me years to complete. I have weeded out the bad ones and included all the best I will share directly with you. This list will save you a ton of money, while making you a ton of money. All Included In My Program!

Great Bonus Programs

Through out the years I have bought some programs to see what other opportunities there may be on eBay. Now, about 99% of them were junk! There are three that were an absolute masterpiece, and I will give these to all of my members who join.

eBay Auction Thief

Don’t let the title fool you “eBay Auction Thief.” This is a 100% legal program that shows you how to make money with other people’s auction. I found in many cases this system allowed me to make more money off other people’s eBay auctions that I was earning on my own.

This program was $99 and I purchased the Private Label Rights just so I could give it to my students for FREE!

eBay Feedback Secrets

As I will show you in the training my strategies to assure you keep a great reputation on eBay which is very important to your success. However, I will also include this report that will give you some great additional tips on your feedback rating and keeping a great reputation.

This program was $29 and I purchased the Private Label Rights just so I could give it to my students for FREE!

eBay About Me Page

I’m going to cover one section of training on creating a successful “About Me” page on eBay. Many times the “About Me” page can make the difference between being successful and not. Also I will include this bonus report that can give you additional tips on your “About Me” page.

This program was $49 and I purchased the Private Label Rights just so I could give it to my students for FREE!

What is All of This Going Cost

If you were to add up all the time I have designing this system, the time I will save you from starting from scratch, it would be a few hundred hours at minimum. So what is your time worth? I will tell you what mine is worth. I have personally coached eBay sellers for $100 per hour. I have hundreds of hours of my personal time designing this program. So I could easily charge $10,000 for this program with out hesitation.

Let’s say I were to discount the program to $499, would that be a steal? Many of my current students think it was when I used to charge $499 + $39 a month. But I am going to give you a much better deal than that.

How about $97 one-time payment?


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